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Helping you reach YOUR potential.

Whether that's helping you land your dream job or achieve a sustainable work-life balance full of health, wealth and purpose — together, we can make that happen.

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What some of my clients say

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Working with Michael has been a great experience! I used to struggle with my motivation and had horrible brain fog and since working with him I’ve started to be way more motivated and also getting better at finding the causes behind my brain fog and I learned how to track all of this so I can know what I need to do to achieve my goals and stay consistent.

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Su P.

Before I met Michael, I was struggling to visualize where I wanted to be in my career. I was unfulfilled and was simply doing my job, going with the flow. Then I met Michael, who helped me articulate my passion and I am now building my career that is aligned with my vision and my values. Waking up everyday feeling energized and excited for the day is a huge gain. I'm in charge of where I want to be in my career, and also in life. To manifest your destiny is a hard thing. But with practice and his guidance, you can do it too.

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Kritika G.

As a career switcher to UX Design, I was really under confident about how to conduct a job search & present my work & story in an impactful way. Michael has really pushed me to develop my narrative. He helped me see my work as disposable. With that, I was able to throw away some degree of perfectionism. He provided me with the framework to answers questions in an interview that boosted my confidence. If you feel stuck, I highly recommend Michael.

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A little about me

Over the last 10 years, I've worked as a designer in tech, leveraging Design Thinking in solving the hardest of business problems. Now, using those same methodologies, I'm helping people articulate and manifest the lives they truly want to live: Full of health, wealth and passion.

How can I help?

I provide a range of services based on my personal experience, extensive research, and countless iterations.

Nailing your interview

Having worked in the design industry for nearly a decade, I have the experience and the knowhow to build the right relationships that can get you your first job. I never applied cold, nor formally interviewed for any of the 6 jobs I've had in tech. There's a way, and I can show you.

Holistic Life Design

Beginning with the root of your values, you'll create a vision for your future that motivates you to take action. Together we'll pin point and bypass any blockers and limiting thoughts. And I'll be by your side, keeping you accountable for your progress.

Transitioning into Tech

Having thrived in the tech industry for 10 years at various tech startups in Montreal and San Francisco—I can help you navigate the challenges. Leading you to an increase in salary, engagement and your first job in tech.

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Ways you'll benefit

While everyone's experience differs, the following benefits are universally experienced by all clients.

🔮 Clarity in direction

We'll define your desired future, and continually refine it as you uncover new information. Having a clear direction allows you to perceive your progress, which allows for positive emotion via the release of dopamine.

🎯 Meaningful results

Action is paramount to the outcomes you want. It can sometimes be intimidating, but you're not alone. I'm on your side, brainstorming action items and strategies to achievement.

💪 Increased confidence

Our biggest obstacle is almost always ourselves. We'll explore (and explode) your limiting thoughts, and learn to work WITH your inner voice — not against it.

💭 Increased Awareness

This is a natural by-product of regular coaching sessions. The questions you'll be asked will have you going deeper than you normally would on your own.

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Are you stuck?

I'm unfulfilled

Are you frequently disengaged at work? Or low energy, even after an easy day? This is burnout. This is usually caused by a prolonged misalignment in your work and your values.

Craft a vision that aligns with your values and proclivities.

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I'm overwhelmed

Are you juggling a million things? Your schedule, finances, workload, priorities, etc. Adopting some basic rituals and frameworks, with a mix of accountability is a surefire way to order.

Replace that chaos and anxiety with order and tranquility.

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I'm lost

Not sure what you want in life? Or what you're working towards? This is usually caused by an underdeveloped intuition and/or a lack of confidence (i.e. fear) when listening to our intuition.

Build the confidence and the intuition to strive.

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