Feeling Lost?

Unsure of yourself, and where you're headed? You're not alone. You'll learn to articulate a vision for yourself, and will be continually pushed take action.

Common symptoms ...

  • Heightened anxiety
  • Difficulty committing to relationships or particular paths in life
  • Low energy, unmotivated or disengaged
  • Fickle relationships (romantic and social)
  • Inability to commit to things or people


This is usually caused by an underdeveloped intuition and a lack of confidence in yourself.

So, what is "intuition"? — You're probably asking. You know that guilt feeling you get when you do something clearly wrong? Well, that's what we're calling intuition. You may call it "Soul". Whatever you call it—it's your body telling you "Good" or "Bad" or "Yes" or "No". Our intuition is critical for engaging with our true feelings about the world.

The problem is that our intuition's language is extremely rudimentary. It can't tell you "pursue your career in finance!" or "that's the person you should marry!" It speaks very softly, and at low resolution. This is why we must not only develop our intuition, but also learn to listen to it. Luckily, this is a skill that can be learned and practiced.

Now, let's say you develop your intuition and learn to listen to it. That's amazing! BUT ... can you follow through with what it's telling you? That's where things get more difficult.


  1. Insight — Your intuition generates a "hunch". You can think of this as a feeling, assumption, idea, etc.
  2. Strategy — That insight gets translated to a series of action items.
  3. Action — This is the most crucial part. When in doubt, take action.
  4. Reflect — Every action produces new information. This information needs to be internalized, so that you may produce better insights.

What we'll do about it

  1. Develop your intuition, and your ear, through consistent reflection and experimentation. Each session is an opportunity to go deeper and uncover hidden gems.
  2. Professional accountability (on my part) ensures you continually take action. No more paralysis by analysis. Stretch yourself, and test the insights that your intuition is feeding you.

How you'll evolve

So, why put in all this effort? You already know the answer. Living a life with intention and meaning is eons better than droning on: Feeling lost, anxious and disengaged. It's not fun for you, nor the people around you. Become some one you'd be proud of.

  • Better relationships (romantic and social)
  • Increased confidence and pride in who you've become
  • Wake up every day with vigour and a smile on your face

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