Feeling Unfulfilled?

Life is too precious to let it slip by feeling disengaged, bored, stuck, frustrated—whatever you're feeling. It doesn't have to be this way. Together, we can change that. So you can wake up each morning with a smile on your face, engaged and ready! 💪

Common symptoms ...

  • Persistent low energy, even after "easy" days
  • Difficulty finding enthusiasm or excitement for new or existing hobbies
  • Feelings of self disappointment or self doubt
  • Constant procrastination, avoidance and/or escapism



Feeling unfulfilled is most commonly caused by a prolonged mismatch between your responsibilities, values and natural proclivities.

  • Responsibilities refer to any obligation you tend to. For example, this can be your work, studies, extra curricular activities, home upkeep, raising kids.
  • Values refers to what's consciously or unconsciously important to you. These values evolve as we pass through various stages of life. For example, as kids we may value sweets and video games. Later in life, we will likely value relationships and starting a family of our own.
  • Natural tendencies refer to your innate predisposition towards a particular thing, which are largely dictated by your biology. For example, you might be a people person, or you might not. Or when it comes to productivity, you might be a morning bird, or a night owl. These aren't things we can simply change at will.

To put this all together, here's another example: It means that if you're a people person, and values starting a family, but are working 80 hours per week on IT solutions for companies around the globe, then it's likely you won't be feeling fulfilled.



The way out of this is twofold: Increased self awareness, and the courage to take action.

Self Awareness

Remember that the issue is a mismatch. So knowing your values and natural tendencies will go along way to select and prioritize your responsibilities that will give you the most meaning. Of course, as we live in the modern world, there needs to be a balance of things we want to do, and things we have to do.

Ikigai is a fun way of assessing both where you are and where you could be. The awareness to identify gaps in your life is necessary to beginning the journey of reparation.

Courage to take action

Once you've identified a potential mismatch—or at least a best guess (which is completely adequate, by the way)—it's time to take small steps in that direction. Reflecting along the way, as you uncover new information. This is called an iterative approach to navigating life. Sporting the beginner's mindset and an openness to experience.



Are YOU ready to feel alive?


This transformation isn't easy, but together we can get there. The hardest part is getting started, but once you have the momentum, the world is your oyster. Start feeling:

  • Confident in yourself and your decision
  • Excited, engaged and ready to take on each day
  • More connected in your relationships (romantic and social) because you'll be much more present and alive

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